Kopanje (Diving-In) Review (AltCine Action!)

A short studying themes of family and forgiveness, Kopanje (Diving-In) really dives head first into emotion.

A father is looking at a family photo, a picture of three children. He is interrupted at the sound of the doorbell – it’s two of children into the photograph and presumably their mother. After the frosty reception and hostile behaviour it’s clear that this is not a family that spend a lot of time together. After the mum hesitantly leaves, warning the father that he better not leave the house, the daughters are bored. The father, despite knowing he shouldn’t, decides to take them out.

Kopanje (Diving-In) is an emotional short that plays with the audience expectation, as it never does properly reveal what tragedy has torn this family apart. Through a series narrative devices i.e. the father’s flashback in the car and the conversation between mother and father at the lake, the audience can presume that there has previously been a car crash, which proved fatal for their third child Mihec. And judging by the the mothers attitude to the father, she still blames him.

The performances are particularly strong in Kopanje. The fathers breakdown at the lake is particularly poignant – a desperate father begging for the forgiveness of his ex-partner and daughters. The dire need to be close to his family again pulled at my heart strings and I was fully convinced by the performance and the sorrow of the character. The decision to end the film with a family not fully together but on the repair means the film never falls into the overly sentimental category.

The photography of the short is warm, full of natural light and natural hues; almost like the father’s love for his children is so strong it oozes into the frame. The aesthetics are stronger in the exterior shots down to the stunning lighting and idyllic surroundings, each frame is delicate and beautiful.

An emotional short, which knows when to say just enough, Simon Intihar’s Kopanje is subtle yeah brilliant.

Watch all of the AltCineAction Festival shorts online here.



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