How I Met Neji and Mad Bor Review (AltCine Action!)

A young traveler happens to collide with two strangers on his way to city in this 13 minutes short.


Niki is looking for a new life and that new life is in the city. On his travels one night, he happens to stumble across a campfire, and the inhabitants of that camp; Bor and Neji. They invite Niki for dinner and Bor explains to his guest that he is mad and has lost his mind. On learning his host’s state of mind Niki is dubious when Bor asks if he can borrow his knife, which Niki declines. Bor takes offence to this and proceeds to attack Niki when Neji steps in. After explaining to Niki how him and Bor came together, Niki continues on his travels, not before leaving his parting gift.

The beginning of the film, (albeit a rather slow start for a short), set up the rest of narrative nicely – when we are introduced to Niki for the first time he is holding the knife that is so integral to the plot. There isn’t very much action in How I Met Neji and Mad Bor, it is more of a character and mood study than a narrative lead short full of twists, yet this isn’t a criticism. How I Met Neji and Mad Bor is simple and I like it more for it.

How I Met Neji and Mad Bor makes up for the lack of happenings due to how stunning the picture is. The silhouette of Niki walking against the backdrop of warm coloured clouds is glorious. And once me meet Bor and Neji, the glow from the campfire gives the rest of the action a lovely sepia tone.

This short also briefly touches on one of the dominant problems affecting Europe and the Balkans over these past month; immigration and refugees. Neji ended up in prison because he was caught border hoping whilst seeking refuge. It puts into perspective how many more hundreds, maybe thousands of refugees have been locked away, purely because they are seeking better and safer lives for themselves and their families.

How I Met Neji and Mad Bor is an extremely professional looking short, that has little action but touches on recent crisis’.

-Rhiannon Wain

Watch all of the AltCineAction Festival shorts online here.


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