Fight Bitch Review (AltCineAction!)

In a dystopian nightmare, Fight Bitch sees two young men fight until their deaths all in front of an audience.

Now, this may seem like a scene from the distant past rather than the (not so, depending on how pessimistic you are) distant future, but Fight Bitch is suggesting how extreme the audiences need to be shocked is now becoming, down to increasingly violent films and video games and increasingly more relaxed censorship and an example of how extreme this may go.

From the get go with the initial sweeping, tracking shot and the title graphics we are in the world of the video game. The movement of the camera echoes first person player games and the zoom to our protagonist is almost as if we, the audience, are selecting the players. The video-game effect ends however once the fight has commenced; expecting the usual cartoonish sounds added to the action, we instead get the visceral sound of the fight. The sound in connection to the hand-held camera work, make the fight an uncomfortable watch especially when it comes to the final moves and the eventual death.

The highlight of the film is most definitely it’s sound, from its gritty diegetics in the fight and the heavy grunts from the contestants to the score which sounds like it has come from an 80s Hollywood blockbuster.

Fight Bitch is an strong, enjoyable, little action film, with an even stronger message about audiences desertification to violence and how extreme that could well get.


FIGHT BITCH from Petros Ioannidis on Vimeo.


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