The Dinner Review (AltCine Action!)


Dimitri Arygyriou hasn’t taken the Greek Weird Wave road in this 2013 production, but a road well travelled; A cheating spouse, a marriage reaching boiling point over a seemingly normal, if not lavish dinner. A masterclass in pace, the two protagonists give subtle, simmering performances complimented by tension building close ups and a quiet, sinister score.

Close ups of the steak knife act as beats on the scene, as the wife gets up and walks out, high pitched Hitchcockian strings bring this boiling pot to fever pitch before cutting away to black. The fire of the Greeks could have made this scene explosive and obvious, but Argyriou cuts his tension with a steak knife keeping his audience guessing, even after the credits have rolled.

The Dinner – A short Film by Dimitris Argyriou from Dimitris Argyriou on Vimeo.

Watch all of the AltCineAction Festival shorts online here.



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